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To say I have sensitive skin is an understatement.  If I shave two days in a row I get razor burn.  So mostly I don’t shave.

I say “mostly” because I have periods where anything touching my flesh is maddening, and that “anything” includes facial hair.

When I was a kid, my clothes were hand-me-downs from my brothers – some of them with textures that I found very unpleasant.  Growing up not obviously Autist though, and with Asperger’s not even on the books,  nobody knew what I was going through with my sensory issues, and me – I complained a bit, but to no avail. Like most of the stuff I had/have a hard time with, back then I just assumed everyone had to deal with these things and did so – seemingly effortlessly….except me.

I don’t wear hats because I can’t stand the feel of them on my head.  I don’t wear my glasses for the same reason, but if there’s bright light I have to contend with, I’ll tolerate sunglasses as the lesser of two evils.  I don’t like people touching my head (or the rest of me for that matter) and so my visits to the barber are few and far between.  Usually when my hair starts tweaking me out.

Like my beard is.  These past few days it’s gotten progressively annoying.  So much so that I have just now finished attacking it with scissors and now I wait anxiously for my cordless trimmer to recharge so I can get rid of another layer of it prior to scraping the remainder off of my face with a razor.

If I could cut my own hair, I’d take care of that too – cut most of it off.  Tried it once.  What a disaster.  So it’s off to the barber tomorrow I suppose.  Blah.

Exit the freak…Enter the creep.  XD


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